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March 2016
  • Jude Barback

    Ed's Letter

    Clinical trials for the world’s first anti-ageing drug will reportedly begin this year, paving the way for humans to live until they reach 120 years. The scientists behind the research, based at the Buck Institute for Research on Ageing in California, say that slowing down the ageing process would theoretically slow down any diseases associated with ageing such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

  • Cloud Sky

    Not a cloud in the sky... or is there?

    JUDE BARBACK talks to industry experts about the potential threats to New Zealand’s booming retirement village industry.

  • RV Industry

    Dairy, tourism... retirement villages? Exporting our RV industry

    New Zealand’s retirement village industry is considered among the best in the world – so much so that other countries are seeking our help. But have we really got it right? JUDE BARBACK looks at the strengths and limitations of our retirement villages industry.

  • Branding

    Getting your brand right

    Does your branding and marketing tell the right story about your village? JUDE BARBACK talks to branding expert Gill Walker about why good branding is critical to success.

  • Village Complaints

    Village complaints – code change ahead?

    MICHELLE BURKE looks at what the proposed changes to the complaints process could mean for retirement village operators.

  • Sector Leaders

    Sector leaders speak up

    INsite’s outstanding special e-edition, ‘The future of aged care and retirement living in New Zealand’ was published at the end of 2015, bringing together the varied and considered opinions of sector leaders to reveal the key issues New Zealand aged care and retirement faces going forward. Here is a taste of some of the topics and views that emerged.

  • Plan AB

    Plan A or Plan B – how will the equal pay issue be resolved?

    It seem likely that the long-running equal pay dispute will be resolved through the out-of-court negotiations process. But what happens if a settlement can’t be reached? JUDE BARBACK talks to providers and unions about the possible paths ahead.

  • interRAI

    Resolving interRAI training issues

    Providers are becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of training available on interRAI, but TAS says there is light at the end of the tunnel. JUDE BARBACK reports.

  • ARRC

    Is there room on the ARRC?

    JUDE BARBACK looks at what providers are seeking from this year’s Age-Related Residential Care (ARRC) agreement negotiations.

  • Palliative Care

    The changing face of palliative care

    With increasing numbers of people dying in aged care than ever before, it is time we reconsidered the way we define, structure and fund our palliative care system in New Zealand. JUDE BARBACK reports.

  • Dementia

    New dementia design guidelines – do we need them?

    Providers have raised concerns that work led by the Ministry of Health concerning new dementia design guidelines “ignores financial reality and current service offerings”.

  • Older Strategy

    The new Health of Older People Strategy

    INsite looks at the co-design approach that the Ministry of Health is taking in the development of a new national Health of Older People Strategy.

  • Julie Haggie

    On the soapbox … Julie Haggie

    Home and Community Health Association chief executive JULIE HAGGIE asks why the Government has allowed the second part of the In Between Travel Time Settlement – made last year between unions, providers and the Government – to dwindle away.

  • Conference 1

    Conference Reports

    Careerforce Workforce Development Conference, 2–3 November 2015, Wellington

  • Grainne Moss

    Up close and personal with… Gráinne Moss

    JUDE BARBACK chats to Bupa New Zealand managing director Gráinne Moss about her new global role, the NZACA and equal pay.

  • Mitchell Court

    Let’s snoop around… Mitchell Court

    JUDE BARBACK discovers that good things come in small packages during her visit to Mitchell Court Rest Home in Tauranga.

  • Aged Advisor Awards

    Aged Advisor cements its place in sector with awards

    The Aged Advisor 2015 ‘People’s Choice’ Awards for Best Retirement or Lifestyle Villages & Aged Care Facilities were recently announced.

  • Village manager

    A day in the life of… a village manager

    KYLA HURLEY shares with INsite why she loves her job as village manager of Chatswood Retirement Village – and where she can be found when she’s not at work!

  • Allan Edwards

    Last Word… Alan Edwards

    Exiting chief executive ALAN EDWARDS talks to INsite editor Jude Barback about his time at Metlifecare, his thoughts on New Zealand’s aged care and retirement industries and his plans for the future.