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September 2015
  • Jude Barback editorial icon

    ED's Letter

    Here I am, at my fourth New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA) conference gala dinner. I’m positively a veteran. That’s not an award I’m holding, but a table centrepiece emblazoned with the words ‘Achieving excellence is a team game’ – a nod to this year’s dinner’s theme. As usual, people had made a real effort with their themed costumes. Sporting and super heroes, the royal family, all four ninja turtles, and even the cast of MASH were there.

  • Tablets tablets

    Tablets and tablets: when technology intersects with aged care

    JUDE BARBACK reflects on the difficulties and benefits of incorporating technology into aged care.

  • The pay fray

    The pay fray that won’t go away

    Will the pay equity case rocking the aged care sector be resolved in or out of court? JUDE BARBACK looks at the momentum building within government circles, the aged care sector, and other industries. 

  • Wound champions

    Wound champions

    As a clinical nurse specialist in wound care for the Southern District Health Board, MANDY PAGAN provides a consultation role in residential aged care (RAC) facilities in Southland. To complete her clinical masters, she conducted a systematic review investigating wound programmes in RAC facilities. Here is an overview and summary of this review.

  • Cleaning in progress

    No-touch cleaning technology – the future of cleaning?

    JULIE SPARKS of Bug Control New Zealand looks at the evidence behind ‘no-touch’ cleaning techniques and whether they provide a viable alternative to traditional cleaning methods.

  • Responsibility

    The burden of responsibility

    Caregivers are ultimately responsible for people’s lives when carrying out their day-to-day jobs. Are we equipping them with adequate skills, expectations and remuneration to handle this level of responsibility? By JUDE BARBACK.

  • Dementia

    Dementia: looking beyond the cure

    DR CHRIS PERKINS says we should turn our attention from finding causes and cures and instead focus on enhancing care and support for those with dementia.

  • Cooking pot

    The cook, the cleaner, the carer... and the quals

    Employees at PSC Enliven Central’s Coombrae and Chalmers rest homes share with JUDE BARBACK the impact work-based training is having on their jobs and their lives in general.

  • Are you all right

    Are you all right? Earthquakes’ effects on older people

    Five years after the first major Christchurch earthquake struck, new research has revealed the impact the quakes have had on older Cantabrians.

  • Soapbox take notice

    On the soapbox... Dick Williams

    DICK WILLIAMS of the Retirement Village Residents Association urges residents to sit up and take notice.

  • Conference update NZACA

    Conference updates

    JUDE BARBACK reports on the recent New Zealand Aged Care Association Conference 2015 in Auckland and provides information on two upcoming conferences: Workforce Development Conference 2015 and NZ Dementia Summit 2015.

  • Gabi Hollows Ryman Prize

    Up close and personal with... Gabi Hollows

    INsite talks to GABI HOLLOWS, the first person to be awarded the Ryman Prize.

  • Sexual health

    Spotlight on... sexual health: over the hill or still rock ‘n’ rollin’?

    Dr CATHERINE COOK discusses intimacy, sexuality and sexual health in retirement and aged care.

  • Social worker Malcolm Foster

    A day in the life of... a health social worker

    Health social worker MALCOLM FOSTER looks beyond a typical working day and discusses how his role has changed over the years, and what he’s learned along the way.

  • Summerset by the Sea

    Let’s snoop around... Summerset by the Sea

    JUDE BARBACK takes a tour of Summerset by the Sea in Katikati.

  • Graham Wilkinson

    Last Word… Graham Wilkinson

    President of the Retirement Villages Association (RVA) Executive Committee GRAHAM WILKINSON looks at what lies ahead for the retirement villages industry.

  • Care-02.jpg

    Seeking sweet dreams: the difficulties with sleep and dementia

    25 September 2015

    CAROLINE BARTLE discusses why sleep can be a problematic area for people with dementia, and what we can do about it.